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Please see the below timetable for our classes. To download a copy of our timetable please click here.

  • 25-02-2019
  • 19-02-2019
  • 20-02-2019
  • 21-02-2019
  • 22-02-2019
  • 23-02-2019
  • 24-02-2019
TimeClassInstructorDurationLocation(s)Book Class
Sorry, There are no classes available within the next seven days on
Tuesday - 19-02-2019
19:00Legs, Bums & TumsNiki Trevena-Carey45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
19:15SpinDave Ainsworth45 minsSpin StudioBook Now
19:15Dance Floor FillersNatalie Thompson45 minsStudio OneBook Now
20:00Vinyassa YogaRuth Goulding60 minsStudio OneBook Now
20:00Box FitEugene Sobers45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
Wednesday - 20-02-2019
07:00Ashtanga YogaHebe Reilly60 minsStudio OneBook Now
09:30AquaNiki Trevena-Carey45 minsSwimming Pool Lane 1,Swimming Pool Lane 2Book Now
09:30SpinAlice Beresford45 minsSpin StudioBook Now
09:30ZumbaDionne Armstrong45 minsStudio OneBook Now
10:30AquaStacey Chadwick45 minsSwimming Pool Lane 1,Swimming Pool Lane 2Book Now
10:30Body ConditioningNiki Trevena-Carey45 minsStudio OneBook Now
10:30Low & ToneJenny Brooks45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
11:30PilatesMichelle Kirwin45 minsStudio OneBook Now
12:30Legs, Bums & TumsNatalie Thompson45 minsStudio OneBook Now
13:30H.I.I.TGym Instructor30 minsStudio TwoBook Now
17:25Abs & Back BlastCem Hasircioglu30 minsStudio OneBook Now
18:00Body ConditioningDawn Sackett40 minsStudio OneBook Now
18:10H.I.I.TShannon Burnley30 minsStudio TwoBook Now
18:10SynrgyJames Heywood30 minsFunctionalBook Now
18:15SpinCem Hasircioglu40 minsSpin StudioBook Now
18:45Hatha YogaDon O'Connor75 minsStudio OneBook Now
19:00SpinJordan Gevaux40 minsSpin StudioBook Now
19:00Express AquaDawn Sackett30 minsSwimming Pool Lane 1,Swimming Pool Lane 2Book Now
19:45FitballDawn Sackett45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
Thursday - 21-02-2019
07:00PumpCem Hasircioglu45 minsStudio OneBook Now
08:45PilatesLiz Doyle45 minsStudio OneBook Now
09:30Body ConditioningMichelle Mercer45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
09:45PilatesLiz Doyle45 minsStudio OneBook Now
10:30AquaGym Instructor45 minsBook Now
10:30DDMIXBethan Evans45 minsStudio OneBook Now
11:30AerobicsBethan Evans45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
11:30AquaSarah Booth45 minsSwimming Pool Lane 1,Swimming Pool Lane 2Book Now
11:30Chi KungJoseph Love45 minsStudio OneBook Now
12:30Yoga & RelaxTricia Hills75 minsStudio OneBook Now
14:00SpinBecci Elliot45 minsSpin StudioBook Now
17:25MetafitBecci Elliot30 minsStudio OneBook Now
18:00Body ConditioningBecci Elliot45 minsStudio OneBook Now
18:00BoxerciseDavid Booth45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
18:00SpinBeckie Cash45 minsSpin StudioBook Now
19:00Legs, Bums & TumsNiki Trevena-Carey45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
19:00ZumbaLaurence Regan45 minsStudio OneBook Now
20:00Yoga & RelaxAndrew Nathan75 minsStudio OneBook Now
Friday - 22-02-2019
07:00H.I.I.TDarriel Booth30 minsStudio OneBook Now
09:30Body ConditioningDawn Sackett45 minsStudio OneBook Now
09:45Synrgy StrengthDarriel Booth30 minsFunctionalBook Now
10:30AquaSuzanne Fenby45 minsSwimming Pool Lane 1,Swimming Pool Lane 2Book Now
10:30Low & ToneDawn Sackett45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
10:30SpinJordan Gevaux45 minsSpin StudioBook Now
10:30SalsaFranklyn Miller45 minsStudio OneBook Now
11:30Low & ToneDawn Sackett45 minsStudio OneBook Now
11:30PilatesSuzanne Fenby45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
17:45PumpEugene Sobers45 minsStudio OneBook Now
17:45Fitness PilatesCem Hasircioglu45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
18:35SpinHelen Fallows45 minsSpin StudioBook Now
18:45BootcampEugene Sobers60 minsStudio OneBook Now
Saturday - 23-02-2019
08:45PilatesJenny Healy45 minsStudio OneBook Now
08:50SynrgyGym Instructor30 minsFunctionalBook Now
09:45Body ConditioningBecci Elliot45 minsStudio OneBook Now
10:30Cardio BlastBecci Elliot45 minsStudio OneBook Now
11:30FitballDawn Sackett45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
11:30SpinBob Ashworth60 minsSpin StudioBook Now
11:30SynrgyGym Instructor30 minsFunctionalBook Now
11:30ZumbaMarc Pressler45 minsStudio OneBook Now
12:30StepMarc Pressler45 minsStudio OneBook Now
13:30Family CircuitsGym Instructor45 minsStudio OneBook Now
Sunday - 24-02-2019
09:30Family CircuitsGlenn Mannion45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
09:45Body ConditioningClaire Cowgill45 minsStudio OneBook Now
10:30SpinGlenn Mannion60 minsSpin StudioBook Now
10:30ZumbaClaire Cowgill45 minsStudio OneBook Now
16:00Hatha YogaDon O'Connor60 minsStudio OneBook Now
17:00Tai ChiDon O'Connor45 minsStudio OneBook Now
17:15SynrgyLeon Johnson30 minsFunctionalBook Now
18:00PilatesMichelle Kirwin60 minsStudio OneBook Now
Monday - 25-02-2019
07:00SpinElliot Waul45 minsSpin StudioBook Now
09:30SpinDave Ainsworth45 minsSpin StudioBook Now
09:30ZumbaLisa Healey 45 minsStudio OneBook Now
10:00AquaStacey Chadwick45 minsSwimming Pool Lane 1,Swimming Pool Lane 2Book Now
10:20Vinyassa YogaHannah Goulding60 minsStudio OneBook Now
10:30Synrgy StrengthLeon Johnson30 minsFunctionalBook Now
10:45AquaDavid Booth45 minsSwimming Pool Lane 1,Swimming Pool Lane 2Book Now
11:30Zumba GoldDon O'Connor45 minsStudio OneBook Now
12:30Tai ChiDon O'Connor45 minsStudio OneBook Now
14:45Yoga & RelaxTricia Hills75 minsStudio TwoBook Now
16:30Junior TaekwondoRoss45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
17:15Junior BoxerciseRoss30 minsStudio TwoBook Now
17:25Abs & Back BlastJoel Tipper30 minsStudio OneBook Now
18:00CircuitsJames Heywood40 minsStudio OneBook Now
18:00SpinBeckie Cash40 minsSpin StudioBook Now
18:00PiYoNatalie Thompson40 minsStudio TwoBook Now
18:45SpinBeckie Cash40 minsSpin StudioBook Now
18:45ZumbaNatalie Thompson45 minsStudio OneBook Now
19:00SynrgyJames Heywood30 minsFunctionalBook Now
19:40PumpJason Bate55 minsStudio OneBook Now
19:45AquaStacey Chadwick45 minsSwimming Pool Lane 1,Swimming Pool Lane 2Book Now
19:45PilatesSuzanne Fenby45 minsStudio TwoBook Now
20:45H.I.I.TGym Instructor30 minsStudio OneBook Now