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Synrgy Range

Every now and again an exercise regime comes along that the experts all agree is unbelievably good. Synrgy is it and our Didsbury gym has a room dedicated to it! The Synrgy workout range accomplishes a wide variety of training goals through one system. It combines endurance, improved balance, coordination, speed, agility, flexibility, power and strength. To achieve these goals, the system uses several popular exercise trends including core training, body-weight training, reaction training and sport-specific activities. You have to see it to believe it! You can use this area to do your own training or join in one of our Synrgy classes scheduled on the Group Fitness Timetable.

What Our Members Say

“Alice introduced me to Synrgy not long after I moved to Didsbury and joined the gym. It was totally new to me, but it’s changed my workout completely – for the better!”

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