Your Health Roots

Hi Members, 

We hope you are all well and enjoying being back at the gym, exercising, socialising and chilling out. Here at YourHealthRoots we are happy to be back offering all face to face appointments from physiotherapy, massage, nutrition and 1-2-1 yoga, it’s great to see everyone and get back to doing what we love. 

Good news here at YourHealthRoots; Anna the lead masseuse has topped up on her training, now offering pre and postnatal pregnancy services from YourHealthRoots. So all you yummy mummies or generous daddies, relatives and friends can get pre and postnatal massages. Anna is offering 10% off first treatment. Get in contact for appointments or more information – or Anna directly or 07936 739 352.

 Matt has been back to face to face Physiotherapy work for a while now and has been providing a lot of much needed rehab and treatment services and second opinion work. There has also been a rise in long-term condition and persistent pain support such as Osteoathritis, fibromyalgia and long covid symptoms that he has been working with. If you would like an informal chat with Matt about YourHealthRoots’ management and support of such conditions then and take advantage of the current offer of free 15 minute, no obligation health discussions. Contact or 07933 531 745 or visit follow online booking and select 15 minute health assessment chat slots.

 Ruth has seen nutrition patients requiring increased support for rebalancing the micro biome (our gut flora). The microbiome has been found to have an immunoregulatory effect (assists with immune function and inflammation support) During recent stressful times our immune systems have been under an increased challenge and pressure so if you would like to contact Ruth for more information on how this may be affecting your health please call 07393739693 or email for advice or to book an appointment on how nutrition and balancing your gut flora can support your best health.

 We are also delighted to announce that Jo Milner, reflexologist is now offering her services out of the YourHealthRoots clinic at The Waterside (next door to Food Sorcery, above the old studio 2)

Jo offers reflexology -a calming and relaxing treatment where reflex points are massaged on the soles of the feet.

Reflexology can help; aches and pains, menopausal symptoms, digestive issues and helps support a healthy immune system so important at this time. Jo also compliments Anna’s services, being trained in fertility and pregnancy reflexology. And if your wrinkle lines are increasing maybe give facial reflexology a go? 

Jo comes highly recommended and is well experienced and skilled in her craft. So if you would like to try or indulge if reflexology please get in touch with Jo to book reflexology call 07931815954 or visit