What’s the latest with MYZONE?
Did you know that your MYZONE Switch or Belt can be linked to the cardio equipment on the gym floor?
It’s super easy to set up and once you are connected you can get instant, more accurate and personal heart rate readings for all your CV workouts.
To Set It Up:

  • Ensure you have activated your MY WELLNESS account and linked it to your membership band/card. If you need assistance please ask a member of the leisure team to help you.
  • Make sure your MYZONE device is turned on.
  • Choose the piece of equipment you would like to train on: treadmill, cross trainer, bike etc.
  • Scan your membership band onto the equipment to log into your MY WELLNESS account.
  • Select the share button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click the heart button on the top right of the screen.
  • The machine will find your device, select it and it will pair up.
  • Complete your training on the machine and when you move to the next machine and scan your membership band or card, it will automatically connect to your MYZONE device.

 To watch a very short demonstration video on how to set this up, please click here.

MYZONE in the Functional Area

So not only can you use your MYZONE device in the CV Area and BOX12, we are really excited to announce that the MYZONE screens and technology are now also available in the Functional Area meaning that you can now see exactly which zone you are working in, your heart rate, calories burned, effort points and see where you are on the leader board.
Benefits of using MYZONE

  • Live feedback via your mobile app or in club MYZONE screens.
  • Post workout reports and break down of how much effort you put into each workout.
  • Connect with other MYZONE users and the MYZONE community to get involved in challenges.
  • Track your heart rate, calorie burn, fitness levels and effort levels to help you keep improving and reaching for your goals with every single workout.

Waterside Discount
MYZONE MZ Switches and MZ Belts are available to Waterside members at a heavily discounted rate. You can purchase them in club or by clicking here. If you have any questions about MYZONE, please ask a member of the gym team.