Over the past several weeks, we have been working on a comprehensive reopening strategy to ensure the safety of our members and staff. This plan builds upon Waterside’s already recognised high standards of health, safety, and cleanliness – and takes them to the highest level.

Cleaning and Sanitisation

Cleaning Protocols – As always, the safety of our members and staff is our main priority. As such, we are going above and beyond to ensure the site is clean and sanitised for your every use by increasing our cleaning schedules to include more regular sanitisation of the gym equipment, studio equipment, all doors, handles and surfaces and regular deep cleaning of our changing facilities. Management will be checking each area every 30 minutes to ensure that cleaning standards remain as high as possible. We reserve the right to section off certain areas of the club during the day to facilitate deep cleaning.

Disinfection Procedures – We will be completing daily overnight cleans of each area using a specifically formulated germicide that is used to sanitise and deodorise all surfaces in spaces such as hospitals and clinics. We will also be introducing electrostatic handheld sprayers that efficiently attack microbes, providing 3x more coverage in the same amount of time than traditional efforts.

Group Fitness Equipment – We will allow at least 15 minutes between group fitness classes for disinfecting the studio and all equipment.

Lockers – We will conduct regularly cleaning of the members’ lockers using electrostatic sprayers.

Sanitiser Stations

Hand Sanitisers – Members will be asked to wash their hands before coming into the club and to wash them regularly throughout their visit. We have sanitiser units in numerous locations across the club.

Disinfectant Wipes – Members will be asked to use disinfectant wipes on equipment before and after use. This will be in addition to Waterside’s cleaning protocols. Disinfectant wipes will be available throughout the club.

Health Checks

Health Declaration – Members will be required to complete a mandatory Health Declaration on the Waterside App and website before they make a Leisure Club Booking to confirm they are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 nor come into contact with someone who is experiencing symptoms. 

Temperature Checks – Members temperature will be taken as you enter the club. If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees, we will issue you with guidance.

Limited Club Capacity

Club occupancy levels will be managed to allow for 100sqft per person. Members will be asked to book their visits to the club via the Waterside app (this includes all gym, swim, class and PT visits). We have allowed 90 minutes of time for each club visit. It is vital that all members swipe into the club every time to record their visit. This will be monitored closely.

Leisure Club Booking Disclaimer: 

  • This Leisure Club Booking entitles you to a 90 minute visit to use the club’s facilities. You only need to have one booking and all adult members can attend the gym within their membership times.
  • You must book your place in advance. You can book 8 days in advance via your online login or at the reception desk.
  • Please be aware that no temporary cards will be issued so if you need to use the lockers, you will have to purchase a new membership band for £3.
  • No sweat towels are permitted in the gym.
  • Where possible, we request that you come ready in your workout gear or swimwear to avoid unnecessary use of the changing rooms.
  • If you cannot make a Leisure Club Booking please remember to cancel your place so that it can reallocated to someone else. Failure to do 3 times in any one month period will result in your booking rights being temporarily suspended.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE will be provided to ensure staff safety and wellbeing.

Temporarily Closed

During the initial reopening period, the following facilities will be closed:

  • The Thermal Suites
  • The Poolside Spa
  • Studio 2 will be used for an additional cardio area – another has been created to re-house these classes. 

Contactless Interaction

Front Desk – New Perspex barriers will be in place to provide a protective shield between members and the Front Desk.

Contactless Payment – For convenience and to minimise contact, members will be asked to use contactless payment for any in-club purchases where possible.

Temporary Locker Cards – Please be aware that if you forget your membership band or card, you will still be able to access the club by providing your details at reception. However, to minimise cross-contamination no temporary cards will be issued so if you need to use the lockers, you will have to purchase a new band for £3. 

Social Distancing

Occupancy notices will be on each club zone advising you of how many people should be in that area and we will be monitoring this closely.

Please maintain a respectful distance to other members during your visits it the club.

Group Fitness Etiquette

Class Booking – We have reduced class occupancy numbers and allowed for at least a 15-minute break period between the classes to allow us to time clean the equipment in this area. Please be aware that this will mean a reduced timetable for the initial reopening period. All Group Fitness classes will be designed to facilitate distance between members and advanced booking will be required to attend all classes. In addition to booking your class, you must also have a valid Leisure Club Booking for the same time. You can book 8 days in advance.

Studio Access – Members will be asked to use hand sanitiser before entering the studios. Studios will be closed and unavailable for use between classes to ensure the studio and all equipment is disinfected.

Equipment – Where possible, please bring your own mat for use in Group Fitness classes and assist in the wiping down of any equipment you have used. Class instructors and Waterside staff will be on hand to assist with this process.

Adjustments – No hands-on adjustments will occur during group fitness classes.

Towels – Towels and sweat towels are not permitted in the Group Fitness studios.

Gym Etiquette

Equipment Use – We ask that you wipe down all equipment both before and after use using the gym wipes available. Towels and sweat towels are not permitted on the gym floor.

Personal Training – Members will be asked to practice social distancing etiquette during Personal Training sessions. This will be controlled by the Personal Trainer. Any member attending a Personal Training session will need to book their visit by booking a ‘Leisure Club Booking’ on the Waterside App.

Air Handling – All air handling systems are fully optimised on site for your visit.

Swimming Pool Etiquette

Booking – Please book your visit to the pool by booking a 90 minute Leisure Club Booking on the website, on the Waterside App or at reception. All visits to the club must be booked in advance and this will be monitored closely.

Social Distancing – Currently, the pool is being used for lane swimming and Aqua classes only. From Monday 10th August, we will be re-introducing a designated children’s lane and swimming lessons. Please check out the Group Fitness Timetable for more information. Please maintain a respectful distance to other members whilst in the pool and choose the appropriate lane for your swimming speed.

Changing Rooms – To reduce the amount of time spent in the changing rooms, where possible please arrive at the club with your swimwear under your clothes and shower at home after your swim. 

Safety – There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools. The pool will be operating at its usual chlorine levels and all members will be asked to shower before entering the pool. Hand sanitiser will also be available on poolside for staff and members. 

Equipment Use – All pool equipment will be used for Aqua lessons only and will be fully sanitised after each class by the instructor and lifeguard. 

Classes – Class numbers will be limited and for the first few weeks will only be designated a single lane in the pool. There will be no back-to-back classes so please book in advance using the Waterside App.

Air Handling – All air handling systems are fully optimised on site for your visit.

Changing Room Etiquette

Please come changed if this is possible as it will reduce the use of changing areas at any one time.

All air handling systems are fully optimised on site for your visit

Coffee Shop / Lounge Bar

Limited Capacity – This facility is now open. Tables have been spaced out to allow for social distancing but there is no need to book in advance. 

Contactless Payment – For convenience and to minimise contact, members will be asked to use contactless payment for any in-club purchases. 

Members’ Discount – Members can enjoy 25% discount off all items above £2. Simply show your membership band or card at the till when you order. 

Please adhere to the internal club signage in this area.