Our PT staff are highly skilled – but very down to earth. That’s why they are gaining a great reputation for Personal Training in Didsbury and Manchester. Because whatever your goal – our trainers can help. From weight loss and fitness, to specific training targets, they will inspire you. They share their knowledge of nutrition, muscle groups and how to achieve your goals. And they do this with a passion to keep you motivated and on target. They will push you, praise you and celebrate each success. To help you to believe and achieve. So if you’re looking for personal trainers, Didsbury Waterside has a team that suit your need.


If you’re willing to work hard and be disciplined, James will do the rest. Specialising in body composition, strength and conditioning, muscle mass gain, nutrition and sports therapy including rehabilitation.


In my 8 years of experience, the results show that training the body, without training the mind only gives you half the results. I'll show you how to train your mind to have successful habits and KEEP them.


Due to me being a bodybuilder and participating in various sports/physical activities at a high level, I know all about muscular engagement, physical performance development, muscle growth, fat loss, physique building/sculpting.


My personal journey has taught me how to face and overcome challenges. This has enabled me to get the best out of myself and those who wish to see their true potential. Self-improvement in all aspects, physically and mentally, is always the driving force of my life.


My job is to listen and understand your goals so I can plan the best tailor made route to achieving them, whilst offering on going support, I like to make my training sessions as fun and enjoyable as possible, I believe this makes for even better results as stimulating the mind as well as the body is often overlooked.


Hi, my name is Camilla and I would love to help you reach your fitness goals by creating healthier habits both in and outside of the gym. The health and fitness industry has become diluted with 'do's and don'ts,' however my philosophy remains set on maintaining a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing the fun.


A seasoned professional and dedicated Personal Trainer, I have always been a fitness fanatic with an iron determination that pushed through boundaries in order to succeed. My unshakable persistence has awarded me the amateur strongman winner, county powerlifting team winner, and the nationally UK recognized, Mr Fitness winner.


I am a cardio based athlete that would love to build a stronger, fitter and healthier you. I love running, doing interval training and building muscular endurance, I do short and long distance running that can help you achieve your goals. I give 1-2-1 personal sessions and dietary advice to help you get your happiest body


I believe that if you truly want to achieve something and you put the work in (with some help) you can do it!


I have experienced both fat loss and muscle building during my own fitness journey. I want to help you become the best you, i will push and motivate you in every sessions whilst making it enjoyable. No matter what your goal is, I will help you get there!


The most important thing that anyone has is their health. Given the opportunity, I will make it my mission to provide you the motivation and training needed to help you every step of the way. Together, we will achieve your goals so you can be the very best possible you.

What Our Members Say

“Joining the Waterside in January has been a really positive move for me. Since then, I’ve lost over three stones in weight; greatly increased my fitness level and have a lot more energy. I looked at other clubs, but the Waterside is a perfect fit for me – the staff are friendly and helpful without being intrusive and the facilities are great!!” Sue H

PT prices start from £25 a session, please contact a trainer to find out more.