Our PT staff are highly skilled – but very down to earth. That’s why they are gaining a great reputation for Personal Training in Didsbury and Manchester. Because whatever your goal – our trainers can help. From weight loss and fitness, to specific training targets, they will inspire you. They share their knowledge of nutrition, muscle groups and how to achieve your goals and they do this with a passion to keep you motivated and on target. They will push you, praise you and celebrate each success. To help you to believe and achieve. So if you’re looking for personal trainers, Didsbury Waterside has a team that suit your need.


If you’re willing to work hard and be disciplined, James will do the rest. Specialising in body composition, strength and conditioning, muscle mass gain, nutrition and sports therapy including rehabilitation.


Due to me being a bodybuilder and participating in various sports/physical activities at a high level, I know all about muscular engagement, physical performance development, muscle growth, fat loss, physique building/sculpting.


I have experienced both fat loss and muscle building during my own fitness journey. I want to help you become the best you, i will push and motivate you in every sessions whilst making it enjoyable. No matter what your goal is, I will help you get there!


We have the power to sculpt our body in any way we choose; we just have to decide to take that first, often daunting, step. From fat loss to muscle building, together we can shape the body you desire. You'll learn a wealth of knowledge along the way, too, ensuring you consistently hit your goals, even alone!


As a fully qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, my goal is to make sure that clients see the results.
Helping my clients to improve their cardiovascular fitness, gain muscle, lose weight or improve their general health - I understand that all of my clients are different so I will create personalised workout programmes based on your lifestyle, interests, and goals.
Contact me, working together we will get the results and I guarantee you that by working hard we will have fun.


Being a PT is a natural extension of what I enjoy doing most, that is training and working with people to help them create the version of themselves that they hope & dream about. With over 25 years of training at the Waterside, and my own personal journey from being overweight throughout my early years - I am well placed to help guide you through your physical and mental fitness journey.


If you want different results tomorrow you need to push harder today.

If you are training with me we laugh, we sweat and push boundaries and step outside that comfort zone so we can develop and progress. But we have fun along the way and enjoy the 80-20 balance.


Hi, I’m Rachel. I’ve worked in the fitness industry since 2015 and my ambition is to make training inclusive for everybody, no matter your gender, age, or fitness level.

Having been through my own (post-pregnancy) weight loss journey, I understand the value of regaining self-confidence through training.
I can help you to achieve your goals in a non-judgemental and empathetic manner.

Feel free to come and have a chat with me in club.


How can I help you to succeed in the gym? Maybe you are new to the gym and aren't sure where to begin. Perhaps you're a regular, but need some motivation and inspiration to jumpstart your training and progress. Or maybe you're training for sports performance, but are struggling to break through that plateau and reach your full potential. Whatever the reason, let me help you to set your sights high, then smash your goals!

With over a decade of coaching experience and a passion for competitive sports participation myself, I have trained individuals of all levels, from complete beginners and gym newcomers to medal-winning international athletes seeking to peak for competition.


I have been boxing for over 25 years and moved swiftly into coaching others, from here I developed a passion for helping others start their fitness journey, I gained my level 3 PT qualifications over 6 years ago, since then I have helped many clients not only manage to reach their fitness goals but also helped them with their confidence, in and out of the gym.

Many of my clients are unsure what will work best for them so I ensure they are able to work to their own goals, whether that be weight loss, muscle gain or using the gym with sport specific goals in mind, and I enjoy seeing them not only improving their fitness and overall health but also helping them make the changes to an improved lifestyle.


I have lost 30 kg and I would like to share all my secrets in my weight loss journey!

In the past 10 years of my career, I have helped over 100 people to lose weight, improve their health and achieve their fitness goals!

I have worked with many clients just like you who have felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and helpless. I love working with those who have failed and struggled in the past to stay motivated and accountable to hit their goals.

My philosophy as a personal trainer is to develop great focus and patience in learning the fundamental movements initially. I feel safety and comfort are crucial at first in order to establish the ability to achieve the fitness goal.


After starting to exercise later on in life, I bring a lot of life experience to the role and feel I understand and acknowledge the challenges the aging process can create.

My belief is that it’s never too late to change your lifestyle and start your own fitness journey. My interests lie in core strength and endurance training, as well as toning.

When I saw how exercise improved my physical and mental health, I decided to become a personal trainer so I could help and influence people to be the best version of themselves.

As well as the gym. I also enjoy cycling and running and have now run five marathons including an ultra marathon which I could have never envisaged myself doing pre 2020.


I am on a mission to ignite positive transformations in people's lives. After completing my degree in politics, I decided nothing could amount to my deep passion for wellness. I've dedicated my career to empowering individuals to achieve sustainable fat loss, and discover their inner strength. You can expect unwavering support, motivation, and an empathetic ear.

I firmly believe in the power of mindset and the need for a integrated approach. My own journey with weight management has provided me with invaluable insights for the challenges many face. As a teenager, I struggled with weight fluctuations, experiencing the emotional toll it took on my well-being. Determined to break free from the cycle, I embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery.

If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey towards fat loss and personal empowerment, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Together, we will uncover your inner strength, achieve your fat loss goals. Propelling you towards a healthier, happier you.

PT prices start from £25 a session, please contact a trainer to find out more.

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