Our Green Policy


Here at the Waterside we are committed to helping the environment and care about our planet for future generations. We all know that one of the pressing issues facing our planet is how we can find ways to live sustainably in future, at the Waterside we have been working hard behind the scenes on initiatives to reduce our environmental impact.

Chris, Facilities Director

At the Waterside, we recognise the impact of our business on the environment and are committed to conducting the hotel and leisure club in a way that ensures environmental sustainability.

The Waterside has a policy of purchasing the freshest seasonal ingredients available. Where possible we use local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. All the meat we buy is British and we use Fairtrade produce whenever we can.


All the waste produced is recycled to be made into everyday objects, the non recyclable waste is turned into bio fuel meaning 100% of our waste is diverted from landfill.


All electricity that is procured is ‘Green’ energy. We keep lighting in all public areas to a minimum overnight. We have replaced over 95% of our lighting to LED.


Our installed CHP unit is used for supplying power to the Waterside and hot water to heat our swimming pool through high efficient heat and power generation.


We regularly check all our equipment to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible reducing consumption of power, minimising breakdowns and the need to call out engineers.


We replace the linen with fresh as standard every 4 days and only change the towels if you leave them on the floor. Reducing the amount of linen sent for washing.


We have installed water saving features into all our toilets to ensure the minimum amount if water is used per flush. Our public toilet taps turn off automatically.


Locally sourced produce, keeping our food miles down. Fruit & Veg - 1.5miles, Butchery - 1.2 miles and Tea & Coffee - 2 miles


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