Fitness Suite

Sometimes a gym can feel intimidating. We know this. That’s why we have designed our gym to be different and trained our staff to be different too! This Didsbury Gym is open 24 hours a day to suit all your training schedules. With plenty of different areas to choose from and different machines to suit all abilities. This is why this Manchester gym is different from all the others.

CV Area

The CV Area is where you can work on all parts of your body without all the extra weights to lift, with over 40 pieces of equipment in this area from bikes to treadmills and rowing machines to Stair Masters, we are confident that we have the machine for you.

Core Area

On the upper mezzanine you will find our Core Area which can be used by anyone 10 years and above. This area includes Ab Benches, Mats, a Back-Extension Bench, Fitballs, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Foam Rollers and Ab Wheels.

Resistance Area

With fixed resistance machines, dumbbells up to 50kg, weight lifting bars, racks, benches and an Olympic weight lifting platform, you can work on all parts of your body whether you're training a specific area or generally toning up - Resistance
is for you.

Functional Area

The Functional Area in which the Raze rig is situated is the perfect area to train for strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, balance and more. This area has a large variety of equipment including a SkiErg, Boxmaster, HIIT Bike and much more.

What Our Members Say

“The fitness suite at the Waterside is one of the best in the area, they have a great variety of machines and plenty of them. Even when I have been at peak times there is always something I can get on.”

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