We know how important recovery is when it comes to staying on top of your health and fitness, that is why we are proud to bring you the Recovery Area. This dedicated area is stocked with the latest HYPERICE technology designed to help you recover quicker and keep you doing the activity you love longer.

HYPERICE provides vibration technology that massages and releases body tension, reducing the time it takes for you to recover from exercise and lessen muscle soreness. These products can be linked to the HYPERICE App that guides you with routines and has a pressure reduction/increase function.

Our onsite HYPERICE specialists; Jay, Payam and Rachel can assist you in getting more out of the products and safe use of them. We also offer HYPERICE workshops at various points throughout the year to give you the opportunity to learn more about the products and how they work. The Recovery Area and HYPERICE facility is included within your membership package – please speak to a member of the team if you are unsure. 

What is Normatec?
Normatec is a brand new massage therapy available to members at the Waterside.
You must have had a Normatec Induction with one of our trainers before you are able to book a Normatec Session.  Inductions and Sessions are available to book via the App (click below), Members Portal or at Reception.

To book an induction simply select your choice from the available Gym Appointments and let your trainer know you want a Normatec Induction when you arrive. Every member is entitled to a free induction.

Normatec Sessions are included in all PLUS membership packages. For all other members the Normatec Sessions are subject to a £15 hire fee, payable at the point of booking. Each session is 60 minutes.

Nothing compares to the rejuvenating experience of the Normatec massage, its just the boost you need to help you feel better everyday.

Normatec Compression System is an advanced recovery system that helps your body thrive.



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